Is it what everyone is looking for ? I have had hundreds of people following us , trying to destroy us. Nothing will happen to us now.. I put it everywhere. Please tell me where to go



Happiness and self esteem We are all looking for happiness and love. But actions create different energies. By just changing actions (only doing positive actions) and  thoughts (only thinking positively) we can raise our frequencies and be happy. "Happy" people do not want to hurt other people. High self esteem is very important. We [...]



Every day I realize more and more how everything is energy and energy is everything Color and lights: Supposedly there is a difference as far as colors frequencies depending if it comes from a light or from an object: A light will send the color frequency while the object will absorb the frequency so [...]



Would there be a key? everyone is looking for a key, a physical key ......... They think I have the physical key......... The key is ......... kindness, being always positive, always wish the best for others, forgive them for whatever they may have done as long as they understand it was the wrong thing [...]



When we start searching for meaning of  numbers, letters and shapes on internet, we get confused. Do we give them too much power over us ? Do we need power over us? Should not we be each of us, our own power, as long as we respect each other and everything ? [...]



To create a beautiful world for every one, we need balance. We need to restore the balance : Are they the right words? Man Lady....... Not only within us, but between us and Nature.... Nature is very powerful.



How to create a better world ??? So many ways..... Anyone can help, Anyone..... Let's do this ALL together.



Found some interesting facts: This was written in 2013 so do not know what it is now: "The Sun’s diameter is about 400 times larger than that of the Moon The Sun is also about 400 times farther from Earth. The Sun and Moon appear nearly the same size when seen from Earth......." This [...]



Mystery of numbers, words and shapes....... Looks like numbers, words and shapes mean much more than we think.... Some Ancient cultures knew about it.

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