Looks like there is a big thing going on about the Future of Energy. We now know that whatever we do, we need to take care of Earth. Those last centuries, we have been dependent on energy like never before with the rise of Cars, industries and Airplanes.

Planes have been so useful as it allowed so many people to discover the world, to meet other people. All the blame is now on Planes because of the energy we are using. We are in an era where we know a lot. We could definitely figure out which energy we could use for the Future.

Planes could actually be the best solution for transportation if we were using the right energy. Indeed, cars need roads, trains need rails, whatever we do on Earth has an effect. When we use Planes, we only need a few Airports and then if we do not disrupt the Air, it could become the best way of transportation. It would be so nice to look at it all together without dealing about who has this, who has that, who will get the benefit from it, but rather what solution will allow “Mother Earth” to still support us.. We need to protect our “Mother Earth” and our Universe..

Note: the term “Mother Earth” comes from some Native American people whose philosophy was to, by all means, protect “Mother Earth”.