Earth Resources

We cannot base Wealth of the Future on Earth Resources. We have done it already, it did not work. Why waste our time? We may then be at the same point in a few months. Let's all figure out the best way to do it !


Respecting ourself

Is respecting ourself the most important for us, Humans? Is it that to respect ourself, we need to feel useful? But if, to feel useful, we do the wrong thing, are we not respecting ourself anymore? ! Is our Heart telling us what is right, what is wrong? We may think we respect ourself [...]


Inner light

Most of us have been and are looking at Divine Creatures outside of us. What if the Divine creature was within us, ALL OF US. We just forgot about it. We only think about our physical brain but there is more to us, all of us. We all have our inner light. It is [...]


Main topics right now

What are the 2 main topics right now (except from AI) that we hear from the News: Money and  He/she. Money: The existing financial system makes us dependent at all levels. People therefore loose their self respect at all levels (when they had been able to respect themselves at one point). Indeed, some people [...]


Independant to respect each other

“We respect each other when we do not depend but choose to work together”. The most important is to respect ourself and others. Many are only looking for respect from others but they even do not respect themselves. The existing financial system makes us dependent at all levels. How can we then all work [...]


Respecting ourself and others

Is the most important thing to realize that we first need to respect ourself? We do not need to follow any crazy order thinking someone will respect us because we did what they asked for.. We will respect ourself even less. It is never too late to respect ourself and others. We are allowed [...]


All Together

Some people focus on the Past trying to understand who was who, what happened, why. Whatever legend we believe in is not important. Whatever happened in the Past is not important. What is important is to all join and all work together. We do not need to depend on the Past. Just Read "We [...]


Respecting and Helping each other

We are all Human but all unique. This is what makes our world beautiful and why we can do so many things. Some people like to think, others to work with their hands, others to stay in nature and so on. We can all work together while respecting and helping each other. [...]



Just learned about Ahimsa: "Ahimsa in the Indian religions of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, is based on the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things. All life is sacred and should be loved and revered. Ahimsa , enables us to live in such a way that we cause no harm in [...]


Mysteries of Nature

We forgot to look at Nature and learn from it.. We are discovering so many things those days.. Nature is much more powerful than we think.

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