We are launching an Initiative whose purpose is to define all together what we could do to create a bright Future for everyone, for our Earth, our World. While it is done, we could play a role of coordinator, negotiator, mediator, conciliator. Thanks to the evolution of the technology, we can do so much now. We can now all communicate wherever we are on Earth. We know that one action on one part of Earth can affect us all.

As for any initiative, someone has to launch it….

We really need to take care of us and all our surroundings.

We are not alone…

Could we  ALL agree to work towards the goal of the creation of a beautiful world ?

Any voice, any idea, any knowledge, any past experience count.


In our current system, it is very hard to work without “Money”. …With enough “Money” coming from anyone, we can launch a real fully independent initiative. We have therefore set up a Basic Donate account.

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