We started this website looking at solutions to create a beautiful world for everyone, everything. We offered  to review all areas and figure out in each area what can be done. We spoke about balance between digital, virtual, robotics, artificial intelligence, humans and what surrounds us.

We realized then that the most important is actually to review what the Rules of Nature are. We forgot about all of this. What happened? When we look at all research, we realize that at one point in Humanity, this has been turned down. Why?

Would then, the most important points be:

-Which Rules of Nature should we, Humans, follow?

-How to treat ourself and others

-Which points should we focus on? profit or Morality/dignity?

-Who is He, who is She and their role in the society. How should He behave, how should She behave? What is the influence of the real He/She on He/She? How would the real He and She interact all together?

We could launch a real debate on those points.