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Energy for cars, planes, to run businesses, servers, etc. is a crucial area for the Future. Although we do no want to focus on it, we feel it would be so nice if we [...]


It is so nice to protect the forests. But we must do it the right way after learning exactly what comes from the forests.. , how we will help the forest and how the [...]

Future of Energy

Looks like there is a big thing going on about the Future of Energy. We now know that whatever we do, we need to take care of Earth. Those last centuries, we have been [...]

Beautiful World

We started this website looking at solutions to create a beautiful world for everyone, everything. We offered  to review all areas and figure out in each area what can be done. We spoke about [...]

Looking ahead

We could do so much all together if we were all looking ahead. We have learned so much. We can all join to create what, within our heart, we are all looking for. We [...]

Strategy of the Future

So many parameters would need to be reviewed to define the Future. We launched this initiative  because we felt that, to define the right strategy for the Future, we would need to gather the [...]


Being positive in all circumstances. Being loving in all circumstances. Whatever we hear, we read, it is only what we read, what we hear. We can all create our own energy. We can as [...]

Being Kind

What we know now is that energies are very important. We may all be connected so when someone is hurt, we may all be hurt. So let's stop hurting anyone, let's be kind to [...]


What is evolution? Is it to still believe in old legends and trying to make it happen or is it to learn moving forward and learn more and figure out more? We know so [...]

Follow up

So much could be done when people realize we can all work together to create this better world everyone is waiting for. Why waiting more ? What is the point ? it will happen [...]

Earth Resources

We cannot base Wealth of the Future on Earth Resources. We have done it already, it did not work. Why waste our time? We may then be at the same point in a few [...]

Respecting ourself

Is respecting ourself the most important for us, Humans? Is it that to respect ourself, we need to feel useful? But if, to feel useful, we do the wrong thing, are we not respecting [...]

Inner light

Most of us have been and are looking at Divine Creatures outside of us. What if the Divine creature was within us, ALL OF US. We just forgot about it. We only think about [...]

Main topics right now

What are the 2 main topics right now (except from AI) that we hear from the News: Money and  He/she. Money: The existing financial system makes us dependent at all levels. People therefore loose [...]

Independant to respect each other

“We respect each other when we do not depend but choose to work together”. The most important is to respect ourself and others. Many are only looking for respect from others but they even [...]

Respecting ourself and others

Is the most important thing to realize that we first need to respect ourself? We do not need to follow any crazy order thinking someone will respect us because we did what they asked [...]

All Together

Some people focus on the Past trying to understand who was who, what happened, why. Whatever legend we believe in is not important. Whatever happened in the Past is not important. What is important [...]

Respecting and Helping each other

We are all Human but all unique. This is what makes our world beautiful and why we can do so many things. Some people like to think, others to work with their hands, others [...]


Just learned about Ahimsa: "Ahimsa in the Indian religions of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, is based on the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things. All life is sacred and should [...]

Mysteries of Nature

We forgot to look at Nature and learn from it.. We are discovering so many things those days.. Nature is much more powerful than we think.

New Technologies

Earth offers us so many Materials and Resources. Before using Materials and Resources for new purpose, we need to look long term and figure out if, in the long term it will be beneficial [...]


Just read an article mentioning that everything could actually come from our Heart.... Heart - Brain....?  Would our Brain be our "computer" and our Heart what makes us Human?


Tiny beautiful flowers all together creating something even more beautiful….           

Helping and Respecting

We do not need anyone to tell us and we do not need to be part of anything,  to help others, to respect others.... We can just do it....on our own... Becoming ourselves .... [...]

Helping others

Helping others even if we don't see any "reward" to that... The "reward" will be within ourselves... Someone wrote: "If you are taught to hate yourself, you will want to be someone else". When [...]


When we look at the official definition of ego we find: Ego noun 1-The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves. 2-In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, [...]

Bright Future

While we travel to different countries, we discover what is happening in each of these countries... We should definitely push the "pause button" for a while, gather all together, and figure out where we [...]

Live to the fullest

What would you do if you were offered 2 Million euros but you know it is for the wrong purpose…Would you take it anyway and just follow orders and become part of the scheme, [...]

Quote from Voltaire

We read a lot this quote from Voltaire from 1765 those days. Supposedly the real one is: "Vous croyez des choses incompréhensibles, contradictoires, impossibles, parce que nous vous l'avons ordonné; faites donc des choses [...]


The more research we do on all topics, on all areas, the more we find how advanced we are. we have such a knowledge on so many things. But we need to use all [...]

Emotions and Hormones

Although we do not want to be involved in the topic of health, there are some days we would really want the people who know so much about it, who have worked on it, [...]


Those days, we hear so much about AI and Chat GPT. But who is writing the code for it ? Some humans have to write the code... So is it really neutral ? Is [...]


There is an expression which in english is: Some people have lost their mind. In french, it is: Certaines personnes ont perdu la tete. Translation: Some people have lost their head. Head or mind [...]

Moving on

We can really move on now and define a bright future for everyone. We have everything to do so.


There is so much we could do right now to improve the situation for everyone. Although we do not have the knowledge some very Ancient cultures had, we know enough to improve everyone's life,  [...]


The Future can be very bright for everyone. We just need to get out of the old way. Anyone can choose now to get out of this old way. Energies are very strong. We [...]

Beautiful Future for everyone

As we are creating our self esteem ourselves, we are creating our emotions ourselves. Caring about ourselves and others is a human emotion (we may call this emotion “empathy”) When we care about ourselves [...]

Self esteem

Some people with low self esteem are so proud when they are given orders. They feel they are important. So they even do not check what the purpose of it is. Following orders for [...]


Is it what everyone is looking for ? Supposedly I have something people want. So would it be it?


Let's help each other be positive, all of us. Let's help each other, all of us.


Happiness and self esteem We are all looking for happiness and love. But actions create different energies. By just changing actions (only doing positive actions) and  thoughts (only thinking positively) we can raise our [...]


Every day I realize more and more how everything is energy and energy is everything Color and lights: Supposedly there is a difference as far as colors frequencies depending if it comes from a [...]


Would people look for  a key? The key is ......... kindness, being always positive, always wish the best for others, forgive them for whatever they may have done as long as they understand it [...]


When we start searching for meaning of  numbers, letters and shapes on internet, we get confused. Do we give them too much power over us ? Do we need power over us? Should not [...]


To create a beautiful world for every one, we need balance. We need to restore the balance : Are they the right words? Man Lady....... Not only within us, but between us and Nature.... [...]


How to create a better world ??? So many ways..... Anyone can help, Anyone..... Let's do this ALL together.


Found some interesting facts: This was written in 2013 so do not know what it is now: "The Sun’s diameter is about 400 times larger than that of the Moon The Sun is also [...]


Mystery of numbers, words and shapes....... Looks like numbers, words and shapes mean much more than we think.... Some Ancient cultures knew about it.


Forgiveness............ Forgiveness for Peace Fogiveness for a Better World


Sometimes the tiniest things can make a huge difference... we focus on the yellow flower ... but what is behind the flower?


We need to help each other's create a better world in any aspect.... Whoever we are, wherever we are , we can do something but, as for everything, someone has to launch the initiative...... [...]


When we care about ourselves and others , we may not take actions which could endanger ourselves and others.  We may not create a society which could harm us. Caring about ourselves and others [...]


Instead of wasting our time and energy fighting....., we could all "sit at a table" and see where we want to go. What are the real issues? What can be the solutions right now? [...]


This is not a new initiative about what we call "environment"..... Why are we considering "environment" a separate entity ? Taking care of  "the environment" is the basis of all our life as we [...]


The problem of our Today world is that there is not a clear well defined Global Strategy of the Future. There is no lead to at least review what could be the best Strategy [...]

“Feeling good”

Is not the most important in life to "feel good" ? Could anyone one have a second chance ... a second chance in life... to know and feel what it means to "feel good", [...]


We have achieved such a level that we can now all communicate. We know what our needs are. We reached a very high level of knowledge on many things. Now is the time to [...]


Our world is so beautiful. We need to protect it. Are there any clear directions defined by anyone right now for our Future ? We all need to sit down and think about it.... [...]

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