Strategy of the Future

So many parameters would need to be reviewed to define the Future.

We launched this initiative  because we felt that, to define the right strategy for the Future, we would need to gather the whole knowledge on everything to take the right decision. The more we learn, the more we realize this. Indeed, not one single person has the whole knowledge. The most important is to all work together to define the right strategy in each area.

As an example, we had no clue about how trees are connected, how forests work. So to define how to use wood, we would need to have some people who know about forests, about trees onboard.

Same goes for many areas.

What should for example be the energies of the Future? Many parameters need to be taken into account: quality of Air, water used to do so, materials used to create this energy and so on.

This is the reason why we are offering to launch this.

When time is right..

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