Energy for cars, planes, to run businesses, servers, etc. is a crucial area for the Future. Although we do no want to focus on it, we feel it would be so nice if we could define the right path towards finding the best energy for our Future. There are so many ways of creating [...]



It is so nice to protect the forests. But we must do it the right way after learning exactly what comes from the forests.. , how we will help the forest and how the forest will help us, the Environment and everything.. What about a real task force on this?


Future of Energy

Looks like there is a big thing going on about the Future of Energy. We now know that whatever we do, we need to take care of Earth. Those last centuries, we have been dependent on energy like never before with the rise of Cars, industries and Airplanes. Planes have been so useful as [...]


Beautiful World

We started this website looking at solutions to create a beautiful world for everyone, everything. We offered  to review all areas and figure out in each area what can be done. We spoke about balance between digital, virtual, robotics, artificial intelligence, humans and what surrounds us. We realized then that the most important is [...]


Looking ahead

We could do so much all together if we were all looking ahead. We have learned so much. We can all join to create what, within our heart, we are all looking for. We can create this beautiful world all together.


Strategy of the Future

So many parameters would need to be reviewed to define the Future. We launched this initiative  because we felt that, to define the right strategy for the Future, we would need to gather the whole knowledge on everything to take the right decision. The more we learn, the more we realize this. Indeed, not [...]



Being positive in all circumstances. Being loving in all circumstances. Whatever we hear, we read, it is only what we read, what we hear. We can all create our own energy. We can as well help others balance their energy so that everyone becomes positive, loving. We can all help each other [...]


Being Kind

What we know now is that energies are very important. We may all be connected so when someone is hurt, we may all be hurt. So let's stop hurting anyone, let's be kind to each other, let's help each other. It may be the first step of our evolution.  Everyone should agree on this. [...]



What is evolution? Is it to still believe in old legends and trying to make it happen or is it to learn moving forward and learn more and figure out more? We know so much and we know nothing. We need to look at all the knowledge we have and use it to evolve. [...]


Follow up

So much could be done when people realize we can all work together to create this better world everyone is waiting for. Why waiting more ? What is the point ? it will happen so let's start now. We are so lucky to have these opportunities now. We should be so proud to be [...]

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