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Sometimes the tiniest things can make a huge difference... we focus on the yellow flower ... but what is behind the flower?



We need to help each other's create a better world in any aspect.... Whoever we are, wherever we are , we can do something but, as for everything, someone has to launch the initiative......



When we care about ourselves and others , we may not take actions which could endanger ourselves and others.  We may not create a society which could harm us. Caring about ourselves and others is a human emotion (we may call this emotion “empathy”).... Human emotions are created within the body... What if we [...]



Instead of wasting our time and energy fighting....., we could all "sit at a table" and see where we want to go. What are the real issues? What can be the solutions right now?



This is not a new initiative about what we call "environment"..... Why are we considering "environment" a separate entity ? Taking care of  "the environment" is the basis of all our life as we need everything around us to live.....



The problem of our Today world is that there is not a clear well defined Global Strategy of the Future. There is no lead to at least review what could be the best Strategy of the Future on a Global point of view to be applied globally and locally in all areas. Now is [...]


“Feeling good”

Is not the most important in life to "feel good" ? Could anyone one have a second chance ... a second chance in life... to know and feel what it means to "feel good", to help others "feel good" ?



We have achieved such a level that we can now all communicate. We know what our needs are. We reached a very high level of knowledge on many things. Now is the time to review everything and define the best strategy for the Future.....

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