When we take care of Earth, we take care of us.

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How could we help each other’s create a beautiful world for everyone, everything? Would not it be worth investigating further now? We have such a knowledge about so many things. We need to use this knowledge effectively in the right place for the right purpose. To do this, we would need to review all areas and figure out in each area what can be done, what can be used so we create a a Beautiful Future in a Beautiful World,  and this, for everyone.

In the era of tomorrow, we need a balance like in everything, a balance between digital, virtual, robotics, artificial intelligence, humans and what surrounds us. Human must still have a place in our society, in the strategy of the Future. All harsh tasks can be made with other ways but the tasks people enjoy doing should still be done by people.

Once we all agree to work towards the goal of a better world, we could define areas and how to improve them through task forces.

Below is a proposal of areas defined based on our needs meaning “what do we need?”, “what do we need to fulfill our needs?”. We then need to figure out  how to blend in each area and then among all areas, creation, innovation, use of technology and accessibility in the best accurate way to create a bright world. 

Main task forces:

What we absolutely need:

1-Goods: All including clothing: from creation to supply to recycling.

2-Living spaces

3-Food, water and air


5-Mobility: Ground, Underground, Air, Water, Space Transportation.

6-Energy: not only for our own comfort but as well to create and use what we need.

How do we make what we need, accessible, available, to everyone

7-What are the requirements,  how and through what, do we have access to what we need?

What we need to take care of us:

8-Health and Human well-being

Specific task forces

1-Digital world: Information and communications technology, Digital Data use and management, Cooperative tools.

2-Availability and use of high technology

3-Materials and Resources management

4-Taking care of us, what surrounds us, our planet, our world, our universe