Would there be a key? everyone is looking for a key, a physical key ……… They think I have the physical key………

The key is ……… kindness, being always positive, always wish the best for others, forgive them for whatever they may have done as long as they understand it was the wrong thing and realized that it was mainly because of lack of love especially a lack of self love… and most importantly respect : respect others, nature and everything around. I learned so much around nature. I had so many beautiful moments with Nature.

And being always positive whatever happens….. My son taught me this…..  We have such a powerful connection because …… I fought for him.

The key is what my son and I represent: a beautiful positive energy we learned to create together…

The key is our energies blended together. It is not my energy, it is not his energy but our 2 positive and trustful energies blended together .

And it may open something very big.

Whatever happens, never give up, stay positive, help each other and do not be selfish, do not try to destroy others for your own purpose, do not betray. No one else will punish you but only yourself through the energy you will create

Everyone, following us, sending waves on us, trying to trick us, the key is not physical…..

So stop fighting for money…. instead help each other

We can all do it, we can all become beautiful humans and create a beautiful world