There is an expression which in english is: Some people have lost their mind.
In french, it is: Certaines personnes ont perdu la tete. Translation: Some people have lost their head.
Head or mind ?
When we look at the definition of mīnd:
  1. The part or faculty of a person by which one feels, perceives, thinks, remembers, desires, and imagines.
  2. A person of great mental ability.
  3. Individual consciousness, memory, or recollection.

Would both mean that some people have lost their Human emotions ?

Would it then be the solution? Helping them recover their Human emotions ?

Then could we create a Bright Future for everyone?

We know so much about emotions and how they are created within the Human body. Some may have lost those emotions centuries ago, some even many centuries ago as some components which create emotions can be transmitted from generation to generation.

EVERYONE can get back those Human emotions.