Those days, we hear so much about AI and Chat GPT. But who is writing the code for it ? Some humans have to write the code… So is it really neutral ? Is it really this tool which will ease the work of Humans in the Future? Does it mean that Humans cannot “think” anymore, cannot use their brain anymore?
There are so many other tools which can ease our work while we are still allowed to think…. AI has to be used for the right purpose in the right area within the right environment.
Translating with AI? why not  because “yes” in english is “oui” in French and we have no problem with it. And translating a whole website or whole book might be a strenuous and long task for some.
But thinking globally with AI, using AI instead of our Brain in most of our task?
We always hear that people who use their brain while aging, live longer…. so using our brain might be good…